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Huzhou Wuxing Jiangrun Textile Mill, located in the Hangjiahu District, Wuxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, enjoys convenient traffic and has imported equipment. Jiangrun Textile Mill has rich experience on Nylon curing tapes. We recently imported the high-strength nylon 66 yarn whose strength reaches up to 9.5g/d. The products with high strength and good heat resistance (melting point 258℃ or so) have very small deformation under high temperature. The firmness on either side of most of the cloth in the market currently is not harmonious, so it is easy to break after being used for some times. Our wrapping products with smooth surface, clear texture and neat cloth mark can be used for 5 or 6 more times than cotton canvas. So it greatly reduces the cost of enterprises.

Currently in the market, the specifications of nylon curing tape are from 25mm—150mm, while the specifications of our products extend from 12mm to 300mm. And it helps the enterprises which produce large-size rubber rollers overcome a production bottleneck. Jiangrun Textile Mill has recently introduced Muller ribbon loom from Switzerland and has improved the quality of the products and production efficiency. We have a production tracking system and expect customers’ quality information feedback. We adhere to “NO BEST, ONLY BETTER”, so we will continue to improve the products.

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